Accomplish your dream of becoming the best bookie agent you can be. The opportunity you were looking for is here. It is time to stop fooling around and maximize your bookie business. With over 20 years of experience, Booking Per Head understands perfectly how fast and demanding is the bookie industry in LA and worldwide. Therefore, we have proudly developed the most efficient, flexible, and functional software in the market, providing in one place all the tools you need to offer your customers the best cutting-edge technology and services.

Keep your bookie clients happy

Your customers are the most important thing in your bookie business. You need to take care of them and make and keep them happy so they come back and play some more. A rule of thumb for any bookie in LA is to pay on time and to pay in full. Otherwise, you will be discouraging them.

Another common mistake is over-controlling them. It is vital for any bookie to have control of their customers and their behaviors, but sometimes limiting their actions too much can do more harm than good.

Understanding bookie customers

It is important to know when to or not to cap or limit a game or type of game. For instance, some bookmakers are afraid of parlays because of the large return, but if you think about it, hitting a regular straight bet is already hard enough, and parlays force you to be perfect.

Parlays are appealing bets for gamblers because they pay way better than a regular straight bet. Nonetheless, the odds of hitting a parlay are very low, which makes it a pretty safe bet for a bookie. In fact, a wise guy will virtually never play on a parlay.

It is better to put limits on other bets, such as future bets, special props, and overnight lines. Straight bets usually have pretty solid lines, but it is always good to pay attention to any sudden movement. You need professional handicappers and flexible bookie software to have control of your customers' behavior and development. Booking Per Head has the best solutions in the bookie market.

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