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Enter the billion-dollar online bookie industry

You have decided that it is time to enter the big league and build a real bookie. The very first question that might pop in your head is, "how much does it take to get in this billion-dollar industry?" Well, the truth is not much, if you know how to do it.

First, you need to stop for a second and consider how big you plan to be? Just a small Long Beach bookie or a huge offshore bookie business? This will give you an estimate of how much money you will need to begin. You need to stay financially secure. Think about the amount of players you can handle and the caps or limits you need to apply in order to keep your business safe and running.

Probably at the beginning, you will need to cover your players’ profits. Therefore, it is important to at least have on-hand the maximum you will allow your players to win/lose during a week. So, if your players' max is $500 per week, you need to have $500 on hand for each player you have.

An affordable bookie business

Once you figured out your financial elements you will need, professional handicappers, excellent and skilled customer service agents, and good bookie software to help create agent/player profiles and accounts. The more custom and personal your profiles can be built, the more control you will have of your bookie business, reducing your risk and maximizing your profit.

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