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Catch new clients with live betting

Back in the day, sports bettors had to place their bookmaking before the game started. This increased the suspense and doubts of whether should one bet on a certain event or not. With the Internet and new technology, the bookmaking scene in Chicago and all over the world has been forced to revolutionize their services in order to catch up with customer demands.

Today, live betting or in-play betting has opened a new world of possibilities among players and the bookmaking industry. Allowing agents and players to pick up a game even when they missed the start. Back in the day, calls from angry customers who missed a game were the constant of any early Sunday or Monday Night.

Thrilling bookmaking action

Live betting is so exciting and popular between agents and players in Chicago and worldwide because it gives them a chance not only to place their bookmaking while the game is going on, but it also opens a wide range of additional wagers that would not be possible with traditional betting.

The simple fact of watching the game gives players the feeling of having an edge on how the game will develop. They will feel more confident at the time to place their bookmaking and play even more. Stay on top of your game! Booking Per Head can provide your bookmaking with live betting software and the newest features that your customers demand.

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