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Detect sharp players and protect your sport bet

Have you ever gotten the feeling you’ve been played? It is the worst nightmare for any sport bet agent or owner. We all want to have successful sport bet businesses, and we need a lot of action in order to make it profitable. However, high traffic of bets is the favorite time for wise guys to attack, and it is when you feel you are getting beat at your own game.

Wise guys, or sharp players, are well-informed, knowledgeable, and successful sports handicappers. They are exceptionally skilled at placing sport bet on sports, they are expected to win in the long term, and they could become a real headache for any sport bet. Nonetheless, they are readable and can be easily found, if you know how.

Deal with wise guys no more

The easiest and most accurate way to find a sharp player is to compare the line a player received when they made their sport bet in relation to your closing line. If he is constantly beating your closing line by one or two points, you probably are dealing with a wise guy. Wise guys in Philadelphia are constantly looking for an opportunity to make the move, but at Booking Per Head, we have the best wise guy solution in the sport bet industry.

We can get rid of that annoying problem and give back your right to enjoy your favorite games without worries. Our expert staff can determine in a matter of three days if you have a slick, sharp guy between your players or if he was just lucky.

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